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Dodge County Hospital

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Financial Policy 

The financial policy of Dodge County Hospital is designed to allow anyone in need of critical care and/or emergency healthcare to receive such care regardless of financial status or ability to pay, and at the same time to provide financial stability to Dodge County Hospital, fairness to patients and third party payers, and to ensure that all patients who are financially able to pay their bills do so in a timely manner.


Dodge County Hospital’s source of income for operating expenses is the income received from its patients; therefore, we ask for your cooperation in fulfilling your financial obligation. If you anticipate any difficulty regarding the financing of your hospitalization, or if you would like to apply for assistance, please contact our Patient Financial Counselor at 478-448-4063.


The hospital files insurance to most insurance carriers on the patient's behalf, therefore it is necessary for us to obtain specific billing information from you. When you need medical care, always bring your insurance card and/or other pertinent information to make the billing process easier.


If you have any questions concerning your bill or the financial policy of Dodge County Hospital, please contact Patient Financial Services at 478-448-4091 from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. For additional information, you may also see the 'Fiscal Services" section of this web site.